07 Mar 2019

5 beautiful destinations to discover thanks a cruise

5 beautiful destinations to discover thanks a cruise

Going on a cruise gives large opportunities to vacationers and holiday makers. It allows to enjoy a number of amazing places, a wide range of wildlife and a variety of fun activities. There are countless destinations to discover if you are planning to travel by cruise ship.

5 of the most beautiful places that you can experience while sailing the blue ocean

1. The Caribbean

Many people consider the Caribbean as the world's most famous destination for cruises. There are cruiser boats sailing on Caribbean ocean almost throughout the year. The benefits of going on a cruise in Caribbean area are you do not need to spend money on flights, visas, accommodation and different tickets to visit multiple islands that cover most of the beautiful attractions.

Thanks to many countries and regions that sit along the Caribbean Sea, cruising is a big chance to enjoy more beautiful places. When you cruise the Caribbean, expect the beautiful shorelines, impressive mountains, stunning beaches and many marine species such as dolphins, monk seals and whale species.

2. Alaska

Alaska's most interesting experiences are principally from impressive scenery and a wide range of wild animals. Alaska is classified in the list of the most beautiful destinations to discover on a cruise. If you cruise Alaska, you will discover most of the beautiful attractions of the United States.

While sailing on the luxurious boat, you will discover iconic fjords, wild mountains, glaciers, bays and several beautiful islands. It will also allow you to see many wild animals such as mountain goats, sea lions, whale, bears and many sea birds. The Inside Passage, Juneau, Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay, Misty Fjords National Monument and Hubbard Glacier are among the must see destinations when cruising Alaska.

3. The Mediterranean

Europe's southern part is well-known for the sun and sand. Traveling in Mediterranean by cruise ship is a very big chance to discover the amazing world of the region. Among the best things that make the cruise are the natural beauty of the land and the different inspiring cultures that you can experience.

You will spend enjoyable moments taking a boat tour along some amazing European countries like Italy, Spain, Greek islands and Malta. Most of cruises include a variety of fun activities for all ages and satisfactory services on accommodation and meals.

4. St. Petersburg in Russia

St. Petersburg offers a very exciting cruise to visitors. It is considered as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. St. Petersburg is a very wonderful place with its spectacular view and the beautiful night scenery.

The cruise allows you to discover a number of fascinating cities and villages and many impressive old buildings that play a very important role in Russia's tourism and economy. Among the best places to discover on the cruise are The Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, The Church of the Resurrection of the Christ, Peter and Paul Fortress and Russian Museum.

5. Paris in France

If you want to experience an amazing river cruise, think of Paris, in France. It is also one of the world's best cruise destinations. The cruise aims to allow people to enjoy the spectacular overview of the city, including breathtaking shorelines, high-rise buildings and towers, narrow bridges and many of the city's landmarks.

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