The guide to serenely prepare your boat trip

Image The guide to serenely prepare your boat trip

Do you like boating? Have you ever spent your holiday on a cruise ship? Boating is a fun way to explore new attractions and discover places you have never visited before. To have an exciting boating holiday, adequate preparation is needed. Therefore, before you set out for the first journey, it is good to read the following hints.

How to serenely prepare your boat trip?

  • Travel light. It is important to pack only all the necessary things for your boat trip. Avoid bringing too many clothes which will be extra luggage for you. You can pack outfits which are practical enough that you can wear them many times. However, you may need to have a piece of formal clothing items with accessories. This is for any unexpected formal event during the boat trip. Bring light-weight, water resistant sandals, like flip-flops. And do not forget your sunglasses.
  • Bring entertainment on board. The boat ride can last many hours. As a result, you may feel bored sitting for long hours in the boat, without doing anything. You can for example bring crossword puzzles, scrabble, board games, or even monopoly game to play with your travel companion.
  • Bring a book to read during the journey. For example, you can bring a few magazines, or a novel, with your favorite book to read in your free time in the evening. You may also need to download a few electronic books in your i-phone or tablet to read on the way.
  • If you like doing handcrafts, you may bring your sewing needle and work on a beautiful handmade landscape during the boat ride. You may spend some free time working on your embroidery. The journey might give you a new idea of a landscape to paint in your embroidery.
  • Bring some medicine. Many people feel seasick during the boating. In this case, always bring Dimenhydrinate or Dramamine with you to relieve motion sickness. Always check the dosage carefully before taking the medicine. You might also want to bring some ginger, and make ginger tea in order to relieve motion sickness.
  • Bring your own first-aid kit. You may be allergic to some food items. Keeping some basic medicine like antacids and painkillers is quite helpful in time of need. It might also be necessary to bring some ointment for massage, some bandages, alcohol in your first-aid kit.
  • Bring some snacks to take during the journey. Some people may suffer from motion sickness after a few hours on the boat. Eating your favorite snacks from time to time may boost your mood and help make your journey pleasurable.

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